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The branding podcast "Brands after hours" offers you exciting insights into what is important today when positioning brands. In addition, there are many exciting guests and their stories of how they have built their brands.

Branding Podcast Brands after hours. Branding Podcast by Spotify Branding Podcast by Google
CEO, Brand Strategist and Podcast Host Marcel Schubert from Brands after hours.
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How brands are positioned today

Today, we are experiencing a transformation that requires us to clearly differentiate our business.

In this podcast you will get valuable insights on how to become such a brand, meet founders and CEOs of successful brands, and hear experts discuss branding, branding and marketing. In addition, experts discuss brand, branding and marketing.

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Branding Podcast Brands after hours. Branding Podcast by Spotify Branding Podcast by Google
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Voices from our listeners
Great informative podcast!
"Brands after hours" is a very informative and valuable podcast. I just listened to the episode about "Design Sprints" with Sabrina Görlich. Design Sprints are a structured approach to solving larger problems and targeting opportunities. They can also be used well for brand building.
Jürgen Münch
Super informative podcast, class spoken. Accompanies me to my brand after work Thanks for the content !
Great podcast
Authentic and valuable! A very pleasant voice! It is fun to listen!
About the host
Marcel Schubert

Marcel Schubert is Brand Specialist & Strategist for start-ups about to scale and Managing Director of the disruptive branding agency burnt GmbH. Through the self-developed Brand Strategy Sprint® and Branding Sprint® of the agency, brands can be developed internationally particularly quickly and validated.

From the globally recognized "brand god" Marty Neumeier, Marcel was certified as a Brand Specialist and has also worked together with Marty Neumeier on the 2022 published German version THE BRAND GAP. In the original English version, the book is the bestseller in the field of branding and has been read over 25 million times.

Many theses from the book, combined with his 20 years of experience in brand development, Marcel takes up in his lectures and in his own podcast "Brands after hours". He advises companies on how they can position their brand disruptively, validated and successfully.

Marcel Schubert is CEO, Brand Strategist and Podcast Host of his branding podcast
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