How the podcast was created

In branding projects with clients, Marcel Schubert avoids complicated technical terms as far as possible. Not all clients have experience in our industry, which is why buzzwords are avoided as far as possible. Marcel does the same in his presentations. He takes great care to present the messages in such a way that the participants, who are new to the field, can more easily recognize the importance of brand building.

The feedback from the participants shows that it works, which led to the idea of transferring the simplicity and clarity of how brands need to be developed today to other channels. So at the end of 2019, this podcast was created under the name "Brands after hours".

Now "Brand after hours" has evolved and is becoming more international with English-speaking guests. But the most important thing for this podcast is you. The podcast is for those who are in the process of positioning their company as a brand and are looking for helpful tips and insights.

That's why we ask you to use the form to send us suggestions for topics that interest you and that Marcel himself or other experts should talk about as part of our expert talks.

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Our two brands

burnt is a disruptive branding agency, helping your start-up, which is about to scale, to position your brand faster and - through direct exchange with your own customers - securely and successfully.

For young start-ups the budget is very limited, especially in the beginning. Therefore, in 2020, we founded a subbrand that continues to bring the DNA of burnt to life and supports young founders in their brand development with a suitable offer - at a fixed price.

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